Our marathon live-drawing events aim to inspire appreciation for the timeless skill of hand-drawing and the human capacity to create. The artists and audience are equal participants in the creation, in that Scenographia events act simultaneously as a performance and exhibition in celebration of the experiential, originative, and artistic nature of hand-drawing and human endeavor. All donations from Scenographia events go toward scholarships for those interested in art, architecture, or other related fields.



Drawing by hand is intrinsic to the human condition - an innate drive. From doodling to drafting, the desire to transfer images from the mind to an external expression has existed in every culture. Through hand drawing, the individual is able to capture and preserve their environment, thereby producing a tangible understanding of their perception of the world around them. Scenographia strives to emphasize the importance of the continued practice of hand drawing for individuals of all ages and contexts. Hand drawing is not limited to a certain group of people; all individuals have the capacity to achieve this human universal through dedication, practice, and diligence.

Here are the initiatives that drive us:


Demonstrate hand drawing is a valuable skill that can be achieved by all through continued practice.


Encourage the participation and support of this performance art in varying contexts and applications.


Share research on the benefits of hand drawing and foster the continued practice of this art in an increasingly digital world.


Raise money for those seeking an education in the traditional arts, architecture, or other related artistic fields.



The inaugural Scenographia event took place in November of 2018 with the intent to celebrate the living art of architecture and draw public awareness to the importance of traditional hand drawing and drafting in an increasingly digital world. After the success of the event, Sarah Arancio, Matt McNicholas, and Adrian Taylor co-founded the Scenographia organization to promote the continued practice of hand drawing. Scenographia became a non-profit organization in 2019.




Sarah Arancio



Matt McNicholas



Adrian Taylor



Jennifer Frantik

Media director